Working process



Having Lean Six Sigma Green Belt practitioners in the management team, we always try to put our learning into work… based on the merit of the project of course!

This is how we work:

1. Define: To improve, I need to have a clear idea about myself first!

First of all, we talk with you and clearly articulate the business problem, goal, potential resources, project scope, and high-level project timeline. This information is typically captured within project charter document.

2. Measure: To move ahead, I first need to know where I am!

We objectively establish current baselines as the basis for improvement. This is a data collection step, the purpose of which is to establish process performance baselines.

3. Analyze: Now that I know who I am, my current status, and where I want to go; it’s time to find ways to improve!

At this stage we identify, validate and select root cause for elimination. The top 3-4 potential root causes are selected using multi-voting or other consensus tool for further validation.

4. Improve: Execution is 85% of the work package… it’s time to improve as per prescription!

Now it’s time to identify, test, and implement a solution to the problem; in part or in whole. Identify creative solutions to eliminate the key root causes in order to fix and prevent potential problems.

5. Control: Improvement is not a one time task and requires continuous monitoring… isn’t it?

The purpose of this step is to sustain the gains. Monitor the improvements to ensure continued and sustainable success. Create a control plan.