We offer a full range of CEM consultancy services starting from setting CEM goal for the organization till setting up CEM tools to improve customer experience of your organization…



Formulate CEM ambition, Goal, and strategy

 The first step to become customer centric is to decide that you want to be customer centric!!! I can help you to set your CEM ambition, fix a SMART CEX goal for your organization, and formulate strategy to achieve that goal…


Prepare end to end CEM framework and Design CEM organization

Good Customer Experience (CEX) is not delivered accidentally… and need to be planned carefully. I will help you to create the CEM framework of your organization to drive the program and design a proper organization to coordinate and monitor the efforts.



C7Y4PD Inch versus Centimeter

Establish customer centricity measurement mechanism

To move ahead, I need to first know where I am… I will help your organization to setup CEX measurement mechanism that will open your eyes on the current CEX delivery status… by getting feedback directly from the customers! This is how we can help you to achieve that goal:

 1. Establish Net Promoter Score /CEX Index measurement mechanism

2. Plan and execute Customer Journey Mapping to understand the loopholes of the existing customer interaction points

3. Employee NPS


Establish Net Promoter System/ Closed Feedback Loop to improve CEX

Getting Customer feedback is one thing, and working on the feedback and improving your customer experience is a completely different game. I will help you to create the perfect system for your organization to capture customer feedback, take necessary actions to solve major problems and reinforce wow areas, and finally improve the Customer experience delivery from your end.


Establish/ improve internal customer centric culture

Culture eats strategy for breakfast!… No matter how much your try to become customer centric, it won’t work unless you create conducive culture in your organization. I will help you to create that culture and drive your ambition into a reality! I

can help in the following areas:

 1. Run employee communication and engagement program

2. Plan and execute Customer Journey Design to optimize interactions with your customers

3. Create Customer personas